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Welcome to Vela Aruba



Whether you are just learning to sail or can rip with the best, Aruba is a windsurfer's paradise. The crystal clear, waist deep water and incredibly reliable wind are about as close to ideal as you can get. Vela Aruba, located at the North end of the hotel area, on the beach at Fisherman Huts, offers direct access to the wind with a pleasant sandy launch and a beach with lots of room to relax in the shade.

Vela Aruba has purchased new 2013 boards to expand into higher performance as well as to upgrade their traditional rental fleet. New JP Freestyle Wave Pro Edition boards can do it all, great for bump & jump, freestyle, waves, and flat water blasting. The new JP Super Lightwind 90 Pro can get you going on those rare light wind days. A new carbon 127 will make the heavy slalom racers happy and light wind days disappear.

These boards further expand from last year’s go-fast carbon gear including the lively and fast JP Excite ALL-Ride Pro Editions and carbon Kodes,and the full on race Starboard Isonic Carbon slalom boards.

The core rental gear will also be upgraded/replaced with new easy to use and progress on JP X-Cite Rides/Starboard Carves and higher performance Starboard Futuras. New JP Explorers will give you a little confidence going upwind with a center board but still provide an easy planing board. For the kids – another new JP Young Gun has been added.

We’re also getting around 60 2013 Neil Pryde sails, some with 100% carbon masts. This season all regular fleet sails will be 2012 or 2013 models. Check out the new gear descriptions on our "equipment" page.

Having light winds, need a change of pace from windsurfing (hard to believe), need some exercise, on the water Yoga? Vela is also adding 12 new JP Stand Up Paddleboards.

Aruba is the easiest island to get to in the Caribbean and the wide selection of great accommodations and the endless list of available activities make it a favorite destination for families as well. Come find out why Aruba is considered one of the best windsurf destination in the world!





source: https://www.velaaruba.com/