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Here are our regular price list for windsurfing, Wing Foiling, Windsurf Foiling, Stand Up Paddle Board, and SUP Foil rentals from the Vela Pool.

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Windsurfing Rental prices

  Consecutive daysRandom days
1 Hour  25  n/a
1/2 Day  65  n/a
1 Day 75 n/a
2 Day 130 n/a
3 Day 175 210
4 Day 225 260
5 Day 275 310
6 Day 320 360
7 Day 365 410
8 Day  390  440
9 Day  415  470
10 Day  440  500
11 Day  465  530
12 Day  490  560
13 Day  515  590
14 Day  540  620
15 Day  565  650
16 Day  590  680
17 Day  615  710
18 Day  640  740
19 Day  665  770
20 Day  690  800
21 Day  715  830
Add Day  20  30



Windsurfing Hour Cards

5 Hours US$110
10 Hours  US$200
20 Hours  US$350
1 Day  US$75

Add on Stand Up Paddle Boards rental to WS Rental​

1 Week US$50
2 Weeks US$90
3 Weeks US$120

Storage Rates

1 Week US$40
2 Weeks US$80
1 Month US$140


Vela Lesson Programs

We put great emphasis on a safe, proper, and efficient teaching method—professional courses taught by certified kite instructors.
We teach mostly private lessons, but also group lessons of not more than two students per instructor. Thanks to these private classes or small groups, we can assure customized instruction and quality teaching during the lessons.
The wind is side shore to side-offshore from the right. During the winter, the winds are dominated by fronts moving through the northern Caribbean, giving cycles of strong wind days followed by a period of lighter conditions. The trade winds return in March for more consistent conditions that last until October. The summer offers the best wind conditions but smaller waves than winter and spring. On most days, the reef protects the beach from larger waves.


Windsurfing Lessons 

Beginner 1


$ 50
3 hours
• Introductory course
• 3 hours (2hrs with Instructor and 1 hr extra gear use)
• Private: $60

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Beginner 2


$ 140
9 hours
• Full Beginner package
• 9 hours (3 x 2hrs with Instructor 3hrs extra gear use)
• Private: $168

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Step-Up Package

$ 145
3 hours + 2 hours gear rental
• Pre-Waterstart Level
• 3 hours Lesson ( 3 x 1hr ) + additional 2 hrs equipment use
• Fast tack, pivot jibe, Beach start, Harness basics, getting in and out, Hook and foot, Speed stance, Foot stearing, initiating turns.
• Private: $180

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Advanced Private Lessons

$ 45
1 hour
• one on one
• Jibes, race jibe, duck jibe, Stance, going upwind Jumping, chop hopping Waves riding Looping, Freestyle
• Use your own gear: 1 hour $45 /3 hour package $130
• with Vela’s gear: 1 hour $65 /3 hour package $180

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Foiling is fun and addictive, creating amazing sensations of freedom whilst flying silently above the water. Everyone that has tried foiling has only positive things to say about it. Are you tempted to be able to fly above the water even with light wind? If so, choose one foiling discipline below and come fly with us.

Wing Foiling



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Wingfoil is the combination of a wing that you hold in your hands and that propels you with the wind, and a board (either SUP, or surfboard) with a hydrofoil.

With a certain velocity, the board comes up the water and glides, actually foils, wing foiling.

Wingfoiling is the latest-born board sport. Everyone from kitesurfer, windsurfer, surfer, Stand up Paddleboard, deck chair potato has been giving it a try! How thrilling to see a new sport coming up with so much excitement.

Wing Foiling is definitely a water sport for EVERYONE because it is easy to learn with the right options and is a lot of fun.

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Wing Foiling Rental prices

1/2  n/a
1 95
2 170
3 235
4 300
5 365
6 420
7 475
8 525
9  575
10  625
11  675
12  725
13  775
14  820
15  865
16  910
17  955

Wing Foil Hour Cards

5 Hour US$225
10 Hours US$400
20 Hours US$700
1 Day US$95 



Wing Foiling Rental prices

1/2  n/a
1 n/a
2 n/a
3 355
4 450
5 550
6 630
7 715
8  790
9  865
10  940
11  1015
12  1090
13  1165
14  1230
15  1300
16  1365
17  1435

Storage Rates

1 Week US$40
2 Weeks US$80
1 Month US$140


Wing Foil Lesson Beginner or advanced: 1.5 hours

Learn the essentials to get up and winging. Dial-in your technique. Learn about the gear.
Learn to carve your first turns and ride the swell: $95 US

Tow Foil Lesson: 2hrs

(2x 1hr boat tow): $300 US
Learn to foil behind the boat, improve your foil skills.





Windsurf Foiling

2020 jp slalom action pic 3 1

Windsurf foiling is the latest evolution of windsurfing. It makes the board so much more efficient that you can sail even in light winds with a small sail, without the need of a harness to hold the sail pressure.
Windfoiling brings you the “flying above the water” sensation of the foil, in the new trend of windsurfing. Windfoiling will be the new Olympic version of windsurfing.

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Wind Foiling Lesson

$ 95
One hour
• one on one
• Get ready to fly
• Included equipment

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Wind Foil Lesson: 1.5 hrs

Discover how to fly on a windsurfing board: $95 US
Basic techniques safety tips, learn how to engage the foil

***Harness and Lifejacket included in the price!
***Cancellation Policy- No Shows No Refund !



SUP Foiling

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SUP Foiling is the practice of flying with a Stand-Up-Paddle board mounted on a Foil, and using a paddle to gain speed to take off. The volume of the board allows you to start directly standing up while rowing with the paddle to catch a wave.


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SUP Foiling Rental prices

1/2  n/a
1 75
2 150
3 215
4 280
5 345
6 400
7 455
8  505
9  555
10  605
11  655
12  705
13  755
14  800
15  845
16  890
17  935

Storage Rates

1 Week US$40
2 Weeks US$80
1 Month US$140

SUP Foil Lesson: 1 hour

7am-8am: $150 US
1 hour water time at various spots depending on swell direction. Learn how to catch the wave and engage the Foil.
Learn to control the lift and ride straight. Pumping techniques.

**Helmet and Impactvest for Foil Lesson not included !!
**Cancellation Policy- No Shows No Refund !!







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Why kitesurfing? Mainly because it’s fun!
Maybe the most important point of all. Gliding over the water, practicing new tricks, the sense of achievement, sessions with good friends … do I need to say more? Sure you can have a lot of fun in the gym too. But (I used go to the gym regularly!) it’s not the same kind of fun: On the one hand it’s the kind of sport itself, on the other hand all the things around kitesurfing – places, lifestyle, being one with nature and the elements and much more. I promise!


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Kiteboarding Lessons

After the completion of the beginner program, you will know how to choose a spot, rig your gear, and be safe to ride back and forth from the beach. You should be able to rent some equipment and be an independent kiteboarder.

Learn with us and reserve your Beginner Package.

Book your lesson NOW and get a extra discount price


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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport across the world. You don’t need waves or wind to propel yourself, you can do it on any open water. SUP is a fun, friendly, social, and a great activity for everybody with all fitness level. It can become a excellent workout on both flat water and in the waves.

Cabarete is one of the best places for paddleboarding. You can do it in the bay – on flat water -, cruising along the coast of the North Shore of the Dominican Republic or, in the waves, surfing on the reef.


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SUP Beginner Lesson: 1 hour

1hr basics (1h with instructor 1h extra SUP use ): $45 US
Learn of to Stand Up first paddle strokes and safety tips and first turns

SUP advanced Lesson: 1.5 hrs

( 1.5hrs with instructor 1h extra SUP use )
Learn to ride waves on a SUP board: $95 US

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) lessons

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the most peaceful way to get out and experience some nature while simultaneously exercising in a way not possible before.

We offer SUP lessons for all levels.

Intro to Paddle Boarding, Intro to SUP Surfing, SUP Yoga

All our classes include equipment (board, paddle, leash, life jacket). We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and sunscreen. Hat/visor/lip balm recommended. Croakies for sunglasses are recommended.

Bring an extra change of clothes/towel that will be locked while we are on the water.

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We offer JP SUP and Starboard SUP, which is the leading innovators of Stand Up Paddle and offer the widest range of shapes options!



Other Activities

For our non-sailor guests, or to entertain you when you take a break from your windsurfing session, boogie boards, kayaks, surf boards, and stand-up paddle boards are available during opening hours of Vela Cabarete center.
Aside from the activities available at the Vela Center, there are so many fun things to do in and around Cabarete! From mountain biking to kayaking, white-water rafting, canyoning, surfing, horseback riding, shopping, volleyball, fitness, yoga and SUP Yoga classes.
Feel free to ask one of our helpful staff to book a tour or sign you up for an activity once you get here.




Kids Camp

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Cabarete is an ideal place for families with kids. There are plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained and thrilled while you are enjoying your time on the water!
For the smallest windsurfers, late spring and summer offer the best conditions. Calmer waters and lighter winds early in the day are best for the little ones.
At Vela Windsurf Resort Cabarete, FUN is guaranteed! Let them spend a week under the eye of our watchful instructors and let them enjoy the pleasure of learning to windsurf, kayak, boogie board, play beach volleyball, and make friends from all over the world! We use the best performance gear available for little hands including the NP One and Experience sails.
For kids from 6 to 12 years old. Your kids must be strong swimmers.
Schedule: Mid June till the end of August. The camps are Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 1.30 pm, including a healthy lunch every day

PRICE: US$170 per week or US$30 per day. 

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Boogie Board Rental

1 hour US$5
3 hours US$10
1 day US$15

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Kayak Rental

1 hour single US$10
1 hour double US$15

For all Windsurf, SUP, SUP Foil, Wing Foil, we require a valid Credit Card or Passport as a deposit!
Kayaks and Boogieboards require a US$ 100 deposit.
No refunds on unused rentals!

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Looking to get in shape or just enjoy to workout? Water Sport & Fitness athlete, Former Professional kiteboarder, Audrey Meyer is a certified Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor. She believes the primary purpose of the exercise is to feel good, happier, healthier, and of course to perform at your maximum ability. Audrey offers morning group classes (before the wind picks up) and personal training coach on a daily based. Schedule and contact here.

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