Vela Cabarete
Vela Cabarete
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Airport Arrival: You should be flying into the Puerto Plata International Airport (POP). When you arrive you will go through immigration and pick up any checked luggage at the baggage claim. Once outside the airport, you will find many young Dominican men eager to help you with your baggage. They expect a tip; $2 or equivalent in pesos is a good tip. If you don’t want to feel pressured to tip, you should insist that they not pick up your bags. Do not pay any money at customs.

All accommodations are about a 20-minute drive from the Puerto Plata International Airport.

Pre-Book Transfers: ¨We suggest that you use our transfer service, most likely already included in your package. If you have pre-booked transfers with Vela, please make sure that we have your flight information (airline name, flight number, and arrival time) so that we can meet you at the airport. Once we have received your flight details, we will schedule your transfers accordingly. The driver will be awaiting your arrival. Simply look for a driver with a VELA sign with your LAST NAME on it when you walk through the doors of the main airport exit.

Taxis:¨If you have NOT pre-booked transfers, the local taxi drivers at the airport can assist you as well. Substitute the correct hotel name in the following Spanish phrase to provide directions to the taxi driver: “Favor de llevarme al hotel _______ en Cabarete.”(This translates to “Please take me to the _________ hotel in Cabarete.”) Read it to the taxi driver or show it to him on a piece of paper. He probably speaks some English anyway.

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