Vela Jericoacoara
Vela Jericoacoara
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Welcome to Vela Jericoacoara


Here you find the perfect setup for your dream windsurfing vacation, when you walk into the center you immediately feel you have arrived in paradise.




Vela Jericoacoara is spacious, stylish and in the perfect location on the beach, closest to the sailing area. From the beautiful garden where you and your family can lounge to our award-winning restaurant and all the amenities you can possibly think of, it is all here waiting for you! Our racks of the latest windsurfing equipment give so much choice when you go out to sail, and if you want a lesson our qualified instructors are always here to help. For anyone bringing their own equipment, we have plenty of space for storage.


All our activities follow ISO safety standards, and our professional team is waiting for you with a big smile! Vela Jericoacoara' center in Jericoacoara was named as the most luxurious windsurf center in the world by Windsurfing Journal Germany. We are honoured by this statement and work hard every day to live up to it.


Spot Info Jericoacoara


Jericoacoara has some of the most consistent conditions in the world. From July to January, at least 90% of days are above Force 4. This incredible statistic means it is almost guaranteed you will be able to windsurf most days during these months.

The wind stats were provided by windguru.cz, the most accurate forecasting website for windsurfers and kitesurfers.










The Point


Just in front of the club, you will find the smoothest waves in the north of Brazil. This is the main windsurf sailing area, where most of our clients choose to surf. On the inside the waves gently turn into flat water. That means that you can jump on the way out, do a tack, surf a wave on the way in and end the ride with a freestyle attempt on the super flat inside. Remember, with our rental service you get rescue cover as part of package.





Malhada Beach


For the more advanced sailor. This side-on beach on the other side of town (upwind of "The Point") offers the best starboard jumping ramps around. But it is a place for sailors with confident as there is a lot of rocks and a long walk back if something goes wrong.
Wave Sailing

Waves different in size depending on tide, swell and time of year. During high tide is when you have the biggest waves ranging in size from waist to shoulder to head high. The waves in Jericoacoara and the whole northern coast of Brazil becomes bigger later in the season, with peaking size at Christmas. With a soft sandy bottom, these are friendly, gentle waves that are perfect for learning to ride, to practice your jumps, tabletops, forwards, back loops or whatever move you feel like going for.


The Team







At Vela Jericoacoara we aim to provide the best service possible, to do this we believe that a qualified, trained, enthusiastic team is necessary.
We endeavour to find and keep the right people and put them in the right jobs. As a result, we have some of the best cocktail mixologists at our bar, a superb head chef overseeing our restaurant, excellent English speakers at reception and many other motivated local personalities placed throughout the company!
With over 50 employees; from cleaners to instructors, and everything in between; our team members strive to deliver you the best experience, always with a smile.