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Wind Adventures is operate windsurfing in St MArtin since 1992 and is the largest windsurfing center with JP boards and Neil pryde sails


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Windsurfing Rental prices

You can rent your board weekly, and we recommend you to extend your rental for a "All you can do" pack (only 10% more): you will have access to stand up paddle, surfboards, sea surf and hobie cat.


  • Super Ride 132 FWS
  • Supersport 137 pro ed
  •  Hydrofoil 135 pro edition-   
  • Freestyle wave 84 Pro - 
  • Freestyle Wave 101 l Pro ed - 
  • All ride ES 96 l
  • X-cite ride 146 Pro Ed 
  • X-cite ride 158 FWS
  • Supersport 136 Pro ed
  • Supersport 124 Pro ed
  • Magic Ride FWS 119 l 
  • Magic ride 104 ES -
  • Magic Ride 132 ES -
  • Magic Ride 142 ES -
  • Magic ride 111 FWS - 
  • Magic ride 118 pro ed  - 
  • X cite ride 145 ES EVA -
  • Beach 225 - Nova 240

All Neil pryde riggs from 1,9 sqm to 9,5 sqm (Fusion, Ryde, Combat, Hornet)

See rates for windsurfing advanced (shortboards)

See rates for beginners/intermediate boards

Windsurfing rental + 4 x 1 hour windsurfing lesson




We do offer windfoiling. Discover the magic of flying on a windsurf board (a lesson is required first) from 8 knots.

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Harnesses, lifejackets are included in the rental. 



Vela Lesson Programs

All our instructors are selected for their proficient instruction. They are all french certified but speak english. Wind adventures is the largest school in St Martin with 3 windsurfing instructors.

Lesson plans to fit your needs


Windsurfing Lessons 


introduction to windsurfing- Learn about the wind, rules and how to control your board using the rope tacj or the rope jibe - On and off water instruction

Level 2 - Long board sailing - Learn long board maneuvres like the power tack, clew first jibe and beach start - Your instructor is on the water with you every step of the way

The basics, balance, sailing position
How to tack
How to change direction
How to come back to the starting point.

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You will learn :

How to sail upwind
How to use the harness
How to jibe in light winds
How beach start

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Short board sailing - Hook into your harness and get into the footstraps - Go from plowing through the water like a cruise ship to planning like a speed boat! Your instructor sails along side of you and gives immediate feedback for faster learning

Jibing - our instructors will work wirh you on all the sailing skill progression of jibing, wether clew first or duck jibe, through simulator work and water practice-

Also rent a windsurfing board for the week and take 4 private lessons (1 hour each). Book now....






Foiling is fun and addictive, creating amazing sensations of freedom whilst flying silently above the water. Everyone that has tried foiling has only positive things to say about it. Are you tempted to be able to fly above the water even with light wind? If so, choose one foiling discipline below and come fly with us.

Wing Foiling



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Wingfoil is a new fascination and type of surfing. It combines different types of surfing into a new water sport. A bit of surfing, a bit of windsurfing and a little bit of kitesurfing and the combination is perfect. It is easy and for everybody, after only 2-3 lessons, you will be able to fly above the water!


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Wing Foiling Rental Prices

We offer the best equipment adapted to the wind conditions. As we usually have 13-15 knots, big wings and buoyancy is needed.

We do rent Cabrinha And Takuma gear

WING: Crosswing 2 4,5,6 and 7 sqm

Wingboard: Takuma TK 95 , 100, 110, 125, 130, 160 liters

Cabrinha MAcro 5'4 ft 98 liters - Cabrinha X fly 130 liter 6'10

FOIL: Fusion Hybrid 

MAst 70 or 90 cm

Front wing : 1950 ; 1600 or 1300 cm - Stab 220 ou 300 

You can also add a upwind taxi drop off if you want (10 €)

BOOK a WINGBOARD ONLY (+ foil) weekly 265 €

Book you Wing Foil gear

You can also book the board and foil only if you wish



Wing Foil Lessons

You will learn how to use the wing first on a paddle board.Wing control and balance on the board. We will take you in the lagoon with a motorboat and you will do a downwinder to the schooL. Once you are able to ride crossind r upwind, you will be ready for the Wingfoil. Once you know how to control the wing, you will have to control the foilboard. We can use a motorboat to teach yu how to control the foil in the air (or efoil if you whish). Then, you will have to cordinate both, wing and board.





Windsurf Foiling

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Windsurf foiling is the latest evolution of windsurfing. It makes the board so much more efficient that you can sail even in light winds with a small sail, without the need of a harness to hold the sail pressure.
Windfoiling brings you the “flying above the water” sensation of the foil, in the new trend of windsurfing. Windfoiling will be the new Olympic version of windsurfing.


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Wind Foiling Lesson

Windfoil from 8 knots, dicsover how to fly with a windsurfing board. After a one hour lesson, you should be able to start foiling. we do have The Neil Pryde Alloy Aluminium foil

After 1 hour lesson, you should be able to ride in Orient bay


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Wind Foil Rental

We do rent the Neil Pryde Alloy (aluminium and intermediate fil) and Neil Pryde F4 (advanced full carbon foil)

We also have the JP Hydrofoil 135 and 155 liters (full carbon)





SUP Foiling

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Sup foiling is a new way to ride small wave and to go air easily, and using a paddle to gain speed to take off. The volume of the board allows you to start directly standing up while rowing with the paddle to catch a wave.


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SUP Foiling Prices

Try our new Takuma foil, we do have sup foil for waves and sup downwinder

We also organize downwinders, the best way to enjoy ST Martin Sup foiling. 2-3 days sup cruises also available






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Saint-Martin's first and largest kite school since 1999. Our professional team set the highest standards for kiteboarding instruction in Orient bay and offers the best and most modern equipment available from Cabrinha. Kite cruises aboard a 38 ft catamaran and kite trips and downwinders also available. Duty free Cabrinha gear at our kite shop.


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Kiteboarding Lessons

Our offers

E foil lessons

E foil lessons


Kite cruise (private for up to 8 people)

Kite cruise (private for up to 8 people)

6 420,00$
2 030,00$
2 874,00$
3 834,00$
4 793,00$
5 414,00$
5 921,00$
6 420,00$
2 498,00$
3 397,00$

Kite cruise ALL INCLUSIVE (hostess, food, drinks, taxes)

Kite cruise ALL INCLUSIVE (hostess, food, drinks, taxes)

8 823,00$

Kitesurf lesson private coaching


1 003,00$
1 204,00$

Kitesurf- Bring a friend

Kitesurf- Bring a friend







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Discover Stand up paddle and the islands around St Martin: Pinel island,, Tintamare island, Green Cayisland or St Barth'. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport across the world. You don’t need waves or wind to propel yourself, you can do it on any open water. SUP is a fun, friendly, social, and a great activity for everybody with all fitness level. It can become a excellent workout on both flat water and in the waves.


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Pinel island: One day in Pinel - After a 30 minutes paddling in Orient bay, the instructor will take you to Pinel island (Motorboat assistance). You will spend the rest of the day in Pinel with your SUP. We will pick you up in the afternoom

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Discover the island of Tintamare and sup around the coastline and among the sea-turtles. No previous experience needed. Tour with instructor (motorboat)

Discover stand up paddle, paddle alongside the coast among sea turtles. Look for dolphins in winter. Snorkel with sea turtles. Incleuded; Snorkeling equipment, water. Excursion aboard a motorboat with instructor. Families welcome.

Book Now (4 people minimum for this trip)


See the sea birds  in Tintamare                       Looking for sea turtles and dolphins


No previous experience needed                                  

Giant SUP trip: a trip for up to 6 people to discover Tintamare. Downwing from Tintamare to Pinel island possible. A 3 hours tour with instructor, motorboat assistance.

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Sail to St Barth island and sup in Colombier or supsurf in St Jean. A 2 days private cruise with skipper (4 double berth available).

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Rent a sup to go on your own to Pinel island or Green Cay island We also deliver anywhere on the island for charter boats or villas.

We do rent JP australia and Bic sup, any size and program. More than 30 SUP available.

JP Hybrid 11'6 ft - JP Fusion 10'2 - JP Fusion 10'6 - JP Race pro 12'6 - JP Wide boady 10'6 - JP Race inflatable 12'6 - Bic Wing 11 '- Bic Wing 12'6 - Bic Windsup - 

Sup in Galion Bay

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Try a Giant paddle, up to 8 people, a fun and easy way to discover the islands.

Trip to Tintamare island: 3 hours trip to Tintamare island for up to 6 people including a giant Sup, with instructor. Dwonwind from Tintamare to Pinel Island possible. No previous experience needed.

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Trip to Pinel island: Ride to Pinel island (8 people maximum) and spend the day in Pinel. The instructor will come and pick you anytime in the afternoom

Giant SUP rental: 1 day rental to ride to Green cay island and Pinel island. go on your own, up to 8 people

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SUP clinic and downwinders

Discover our SUP clinic and Tintamare downwinders (everyweek)


2 days in St Barth':  A 2 days private S.U.P cruise to St Barth aboard a 38 ft Catamaran. You will discover the marine park (Colombier) and ride in ST Jean, a wave spot. 

Price for 2 days (up to 8 persons): 1422 euros ( 2 SUP included - 50 € each additional SUP)

7 days S.U.P cruise: Discover Anguilla's best beaches, Sandy island, Prickly pear, , Scrub island, St Barth and much more. A 7 days private cruise with huge downwinders. 

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Other Activities

For our non-sailor guests, or to entertain you when you take a break from your windsurfing session, boogie boards, surfs, surf boards, and stand-up paddle boards are available during opening hours.





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Fly over the water whilst exploring Orient bay and the islands. Electric foiling (efoiling) is so easy that almost anyone can learn, yet it is engaging for even the most experienced watersports athletes. Efoiling is fast, quiet and emission free - giving you the sensation of flying over water with the freedom to ride anywhere and anytime, without wind or waves. Electric foiling is as exhilarating as surfing without the waves so prepare yourself for an adreneline-filled day at premier e-foiling location!


  • 1 hour introduction: fly above the water and learn how to turn and carving.  (price 150 €) 
  • 30 minutes introduction to learn to fly on your knoees  (price 80 €) 
  • 1/2 hour rental - 70 €
  • 1 hour rental - 135 €
  • Pack 5 x 1/2 hour - 315 €
  • Pack of 5 x 1 hour - 595 €


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Explore Orient bay with a Hobie cat, or sail to Pinel island, Green Caye island or even Tintamare island (with instructor)

1 hour 80,00 € 95,00 $
2 hours 150,00 € 177,00 $
3 hours 180,00 € 213,00 $
4 x 1hour 240,00 € 283,00 $


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Saint Martin offers perfect conditions for Surfing. Orient bay is a perfect spot to surf the small and easy waves of Green Cay island (10 minutes paddle), discover the island of Green cay, the view on St Barth.


Surfboard Rental

1 week 130,00 € 153,00 $


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The center offers Wakeboard  or foilboard in Orient bay - 10 -15 minutes 30 € , try foilboarding.


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From Wind adventures center, you can reach Pinel island (25 minutes paddle)  We provide you with waterproof bag, snorkelling gear. 


1 day 45,00 € 53,00 $
1 hour 25,00 € 30,00 $
2 hours 35,00 € 41,00 $
1 week 160,00 € 189,00 $


Double Kayak rental in ST Martin - (Orient bay) - Deliveries possible anywhere on the island.


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St Martin and specialy Orient bay area offer perfect snorkeling spots. From Orient, you can discover Pinel island, Tintamare island, Green cay island, but also Creole rock. We do offer private snorkeling trips for 2 persons (Hobie cat trip, sailing trips) up to 13 people. Choose your way: hobie cat, motorboat, stand up paddle, giant paddle, sea kayak, sloop sailing boat, catamaran 38 ft.



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You can rent a bike weekly or per day (Trek bikes 820).


1 week 125,00 € 148,00 $
2 weeks 210,00 € 248,00 $
1 day 30,00 € 35,00 $


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